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Dive into the world of Share CFD trading with Ox Securities and access over 10,000+ global stocks across major markets like ASX, NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE, and HKE. Leverage your trading with our expansive portfolio options, opening doors to diverse industries and global companies.

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Share CFDs: Unlocking the Global Stock Markets

  • Innovative Trading Product Share CFDs (Contract for Difference) offer a unique opportunity to engage with the global stock markets, enabling traders to speculate on the price movements of shares without the need to own the underlying assets. 
  • Leverage Your Trading Potential With the advantage of leverage, Share CFDs magnify your trading capacity, allowing you to achieve significant market exposure with a relatively small initial capital. This feature can significantly increase the potential returns on your investment, though it's important to remember it also comes with increased risk.
  • Access Global Markets Conveniently Our user-friendly online trading platform grants you instant access to a wide array of shares and stock markets around the world. Enjoy seamless trading experience and explore diverse market opportunities with ease.
  • Seize Dynamic Market Opportunities Start your journey with Share CFDs today and dive into the dynamic world of stock trading. Take advantage of the flexibility and opportunities provided by Share CFDs to potentially enhance your investment portfolio and trading strategies.

Trade 10,000+ Share CFDs Across Global Stock Markets


Alphabet Inc

Microsoft Corp

Netflix Inc


Meta Platforms Inc

Berkshire Hathaway Inc

Tencent Holdings Ltd


Unilever Plc



Commonwealth Bank of Australia


Why Trade Share CFDs

Global Markets

Access Share CFDs across the worlds largest exchanges including NYSE, NASDAQ, ASX, HKE & LSE.

Long or Short

Share CFDs allow you to trade short and capitalize on falling stock prices unlike traditional share trading.

Leverage 20:1

Leverage up to 20:1 allows you to have exposure to larger position sizes with smaller initial capital.

Direct Market Access

Direct Market Access (DMA) - trades are immediately transmitted through to the relevant underlying exchange.

Customer Support

You can rely on Ox Securities for consistent support, available 24/5 from Monday to Friday.

Ultra Fast Execution

We aim to deliver lightning fast execution through our cutting edge trading platform.

What are Share CFDs

Introducing Share CFDs, an innovative trading product that allows you to capitalize on stock market opportunities and gain exposure to the worlds largest stock markets across the globe.

With Share CFDs, you can speculate on the price movements of various stocks, whether they rise or fall. Benefit from the potential of leverage, amplifying your trading potential with a smaller initial investment.

Enjoy the convenience of our online trading platform, providing instant access to a diverse range of shares and global markets.

Start exploring the world of Share CFDs today and seize potential opportunities in the dynamic stock market.

Thematic Portfolios

Invest in Megatrends

Introducing Thematic Portfolios, an innovative investment solution designed to align your investment strategy with key global trends. Thematic portfolios allow you to invest in specific themes or industries that are shaping our world, such as renewable energy, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and healthcare innovation. With Thematic Portfolios, you can capitalize on the potential growth and economic impact of these themes, diversify your investments across multiple sectors, and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving market.

Robotics & AI



Renewable Energy

Electric Vehicles

Genomic Innovation

Blockchain Technology

Future of Payments

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