Wall Street 

An alternative, well-known term for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the largest stock exchange in the US. 

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White Label Product 

A product manufactured by one company that is packaged and sold by other companies under varying brand names. The end-product appears as though it is being made by the marketer, when it is being created by the manufacturing company. 

In this case, the manufacturer can concentrate on making the product or service and focus on cost savings, rather than worrying about marketing, which will be handled by the companies that will sell the product. 

A common example of a white label product can be found in your local supermarket. You may have noticed that many of these stores have their own brand-name products, which usually sell at a discount relative to other well-known brands. The store-brand product is created by a manufacturing company that places the store’s label on the final product in an attempt to make customers think it was created by the vendor. 

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