A trading strategy that involves placing short-term trades, sometimes less than a minute long, usually to try and capture small price movements. 

Sell Limit Entry Order 

An order to open a sell position only at the designated price or higher. 

Sell Stop Entry Order 

An order to open a sell position only at the designated price or lower. 


The difference between the requested level of an order and the actual price at which it was executed. Slippage can occur during periods of higher volatility when market prices move rapidly or gap. 

Spot Price 

The price quoted for immediate settlement or delivery of a currency, index, commodity, or share (that is payment for and delivery of a product). It’s the current price at which a commodity or currency can be bought or sold at that specific time. 

Spot Rate 

An exchange rate for immediate settlement. 


The difference between the buy price and sell price.  

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Stop Entry Order 

A Stop Entry order is an order placed to buy above the market or sell below the market at a certain price. 

Stop Loss 

A Stop Lossspecifies the price at which to close a position to cap losses. 

Straight Through Processing (STP) 

An STP broker typically routes some or all your orders directly to the market. 

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Support Level 

A technique used in technical analysis to indicate a price floor at which you would expect the price to ‘bounce’ off. A price point where it is anticipated buyers will enter the market and ‘support’ the price. The opposite of this is resistance. 


A slang term for the Swiss franc.