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Follow experienced traders with proven historical track records. See top performers, set your own risk and invest with tested strategies

Why invest in our Top Performers?

In trading, success depends on results. So why not gain an edge in the market by investing in proven strategies#? With a few clicks of a button, you can let experienced traders guide your individual trading decisions, and do the hard work for you so you can spend less time on analysis, and more time doing what you love. No more waking up in the middle of the night to keep an eye on the markets!

#Past performance is not indicative of future resuls

What markets can I access with Ox Invest?

Why use Ox Invest?

An easier way to trade

Ox Invest offers a simple way to identify and automatically invest in trading talent. Say goodbye to staying up late to watch the markets and worrying about entry and exit levels. All you need to do is find a strategy you want to invest in

Invest like a top trader

When you choose to invest in a strategy, your account will duplicate their trades in real-time. This means you get calculated entries and exits based on a proven historical track record

Manage your risk

Ox Invest does is highly liquid, giving you extra flexibility with your approach to managing risk. Once you've found the strategy you want to invest in, you can adjust your personal risk settings according to your appetite

Invest with Integrity & Transparency

Ox Securities is founded on integrity, honesty and transparency, and we seek to give investors absolute transparency in everything you do

Ox Invest FAQs

Once you’ve opened and funded your MT4 account, simply log in to the Ox Invest platform. From the platform you can explore the available strategies to invest in, filter by things like profitability or drawdown to find strategies you want to invest in.

Once you’ve found a suitable strategy, simply allocate how much of your MT4 balance you want to invest, and set your risk parameters. 

You can invest in multiple strategies using the balance from one MT4 account. Simply split the balance across multiple strategies to diversify your risk

Like any form of trading, investing in Ox Invest strategies carries a degree of risk that should be closely managed according to your individual goals, and overall strategy. 

Every trader has a different approach to risk and it is solely your responsibility to manage risk appropriately. To help manage risk when using Ox Invest, you should carefully consider the past performance of any strategy, and be aware of the strategy’s approach to risk. 

As with any form of trading, only invest what you can afford to lose. It is also important to remember you can stop the Ox Invest service at any time

The Ox Invest platform is designed to make it easy to find proven strategies to invest in. Simply search for strategies using filters like highest return or lowest drawdown. Once you have found a strategy to invest in, you can analyse the strategy’s past performance before deciding if you want to invest in that strategy

Follow these simple steps to connect your MT4 account to the Ox Invest platform:

  1. Open an MT4 account through our website
  2. Log in to the Ox Invest platform as an ‘investor’
  3. Navigate to the ‘leaderboard’ where all public strategies will be displayed
  4. Select the strategy you want to invest in and allocate the desired amount of your MT4 balance to the strategy
  5. You’re good to go!

Once you are in a trade, you cannot change the size, or close out that individual trade, however you can increase your overall risk profile for any new trades.

When subscribing to the strategy, simply choose 2x to double the risk & return offered by the strategy

The minimum amount for each strategy is listed inside the platform and will vary per strategy.

Currently the minimum available investment amount is $1,000 however this is subject to change with the introduction of new strategies

Yes! Simply allocate a portion of your MT4 balance to one strategy and a portion of your MT4 balance to another strategy. This is a great way to diversify your risk across multiple strategies.

The strategies will run on different ‘virtual accounts’ within the Ox Invest platform so the performance of one strategy will not affect the performance of the other strategy. 

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