Relative Strength Index (RSI) 

A chart indicator used in technical analysis. It identifies when trends are coming to the end of their current direction, as well as overbought and oversold market conditions. 

Resistance Level 

A term used in technical analysis indicating a price level at which analysis suggests a predominance of selling – and hence a greater likelihood that the price will fail to break through the level. 


Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), the central bank agency of Australia. 


Reserve Bank of India, the central bank agency of India 


Closing an expiring futures position and reopening the position in the next tradeable future. In forex, the value of the process is measured by the interest rate differential between the two currencies. There’s usually a small cost for rolling over positions. 

Running Profit / Loss 

The profit or loss which you would realise by closing your open positions at the prevailing market prices.