Gap / Gapping 

The phenomenon of a market trading at a price away from the previous traded price without trades occurring at intervening prices; it more usually, but not necessarily, relates to when a market resume trading after a period of closure.  


Gearing is a measure of leverage used, usually expressed as a percentage. 

A highly leveraged trade would require a small initial outlay in comparison to the notional value of the trade and can be seen as high risk. Small price movements create amplified gains or losses, and therefore losses can exceed deposits made. 

Good For the Day (GFD) Order 

AGFD order remains active in the market until the end of the trading day. 

Good ‘Till Cancelled (GTC) Order 

A GTC order remains active in the market until you decide to cancel it. Your broker will not cancel the order at any time. 

Government Bonds 

Debt security issued by the government. 


A slang term for the US dollar.