Top 3 position sizing strategies for forex traders

The ability to protect your trading capital is one of the benefits of using position sizing when trading theforex, index or commodity markets.Though markets are unpredictable by nature, there are certain aspects of it you can control. One ofthose is the size of each position you make.By using position sizing, you automatically control and limit […]

Top 4 indicators and how to use them for your trading

Most successful traders rely on technical analysis and indicators to navigate the markets. Whether you’re trading the forex, commodities, stocks, futures, and other markets, indicators can be useful tools in your trading success. And why not? Indicators provide helpful directions, visual signals and useful trends that traders can use in understanding and analysing the forex […]

Top 3 Profit-taking Strategies for Successful FX trading

There’s no doubt that money is a key motivating factor for many traders. Whether it is to create an additional income stream or to make it the primary source of income, many people get into trading for the money. However, the way we make money from trading may vary from one person to the other. […]

Trading Opportunities with Forex Crosses

It is a fact that trading the forex (FX) markets gives you an almost unlimited number of trading opportunities.  And why not? As the largest market in the world regarding trading volume (approximately US$5.3 trillion worth of daily transactions), the FX market is also the most liquid. Thismeans you could almost always get in and out of a trade at any time you […]

3 Exit Strategies to Consider as Part of Your Forex Trading Systems

It’s been said among professional traders; it’s not where you get in that counts, but where you get out that will make you money. Entries are an important part of every trading system, but managing the trade through your exits is where the real money is made. In this article, we will look at three […]

Ox Securities Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis

Why you need both Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis for your FX trading Some traders who are new to forex trading tend to look for ways to gain an immediate edge in the market. In the process, traders tend to look for ways to understand and interpret the markets either through technical analysis or fundamental analysis. And depending on […]